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You're doing it wrong, asshole--bible-quotes, heaven, matthew, poverty, riches, the pope

3 Responses to “You’re doing it wrong, asshole!”

  • cat Says:

    When reading the whole passage of this part of the bible in context, what Jesus meant was that people should not value riches more than god. He realized that this was what the rich man he was talking to was doing. After the man left, feeling sad because he didn’t want to lose his money, the disciples asked who would be able to go to heaven. According to the bible, everyone has sinned, so only God was able to make it possible for anyone to have salvation because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Perhaps this means that Jesus was also saying that riches will not qualify a person to go to heaven, following Jesus will. Also, this doesn’t mean to self deprecate yourself, or that God thinks riches alone are bad. For example, in 2 Chronicles, Solomon asks God for wisdom, and God says that he will. He also says that because Solomon asked for his heart’s desire, and not for wealth, good health, or death of his enemies, he will also bless him with riches. God will bless people, sometimes with riches, but it is the greed and other things that humans make themselves into that makes having riches bad. The Catholic Church ranks near the top of the 400 biggest charity organizations.

  • cat Says:

    This is sort of using the bible for class warfare.

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